An experience your customers will rave about

With Homeboard, your shoppers get the financial freedom to rent your furniture over 3-12 monthly payments. Offer flexible rental plans to expand your customer base and increase average order value.
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Get the Homeboard advantage

Forward thinking furniure brands use Homeboard to elevate their shopping experiences and capture new customers.


overall increase in order size and value with renters


indicated they'd rent from the same brand repeatedly


apartment renters between 24-30 are looking to rent furniture over buying

Tap into whole new world of customers

Homeboard works with you to drive awareness, placing you front and centre to the millions of high intent customers waiting to rent you furniture for their spaces.

Homeboard refers shoppers to our partners via integrated marketing campaigns and our marketplace, email marketing, social channels, and more.

Designed to grow your business

Use your inventory better and increase revenue

Get better returns and revenue increase out of your existing inventory. Subscriptions can triple revenue on a single item over a lifetime of 36 months.

Increase repeat customers and loyalty

Offering your product as a subscription is a great way to interact with existing customers and attract new ones.

In-Depth Insights

Get in touch with your customers and gain unique insights into each item's life cycle beyond the first sale.

No logistics hassle

Seamlessly plug into our network of warehouses and operators for all your logistics needs

No hassle integration

Getting started with Homeboard is quick and easy. You can quickly connect Homeboard to your existing e-commerce platforms or direct list through your merchant account. Need something customized? Not a problem.

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